UniqueTrio - professional international exhibition team

Welcome to the official website of the professional exhibition team called UniqueTrio! We are composed of multiple world and European footbag champions and one of the best hand-and-foot jugglers in the world. Our mission is to offer entertaining performances and workshops for almost every type of event. The connection of our footbag and juggling skills and our long-time experiences in entertaining people creates an absolutely unique exhibition team!


Footbag is a sport played with a small leather ball (in the sport called a bag). The sport was invented in 1972 in the USA and is also known as Hacky Sack. Since 1980 there are world championships held every year and since 1999 there are European championships held also every year. The sport has developed radically since it came to Europe in the end of 1990s. Today it is an extremely technical and artistic discipline.

The best competitors are from Czech Republic, Finland, Poland, USA and Canada. In 2012, the sport was professionally played in 48 states of the world.

Footbag Doubles

Footbag Doubles Freestyle (also called Open Doubles Freestyle) is one of the main disciplines in the sport of footbag. Competitors perform a 3 minutes long routine to music of their choice. The main judged elements are difficulty, variety and execution of performed tricks, choreography and originality. Martin Sladek and Tomas Tucek have been the most successful competitors for the last years

and innovators of Footbag Doubles Freestyle. They have invented dozens of new tricks which they routinely perform on stage. Most of these tricks have never been performed before.

Juggling + Footbag

Juggling is an object-manipulation skill and a sport. Balls are commonly used for juggling, but only few people have mastered ball juggling using both their hands and feet. Stefan Siegert is one of these people. Most of his tricks are his own inventions, and even experienced jugglers are amazed by their complexity. He has attended multiple international juggling festivals where he showed his original juggling+footbag skills.

About Us

Tomas Tucek and Martin Sladek

Born: 1987, 1987
Country: Czech Republic
Sport: footbag (since 2002)
Discipline/Specialization: Footbag Doubles Freestyle

The biggest achievements:
3x world footbag champions - Footbag Doubles Freestyle
2x world footbag vicechampions - Footbag Doubles Freestyle
3x European footbag champions - Footbag Doubles Freestyle

Magistrát města Hradec Králové

Stefan Siegert

Born: 1984
Country: Germany
Sport: footbag (since 2000), juggling (since 2003)
Discipline/Specialization: Juggling+Footbag

The biggest achievements:
1x European footbag vicechampion - Footbag Singles Freestyle
2x German footbag champion - Footbag Singles Freestyle
Galashow-act at multiple international juggling conventions


UniqueTrio performances are an absolutely unique shows. The connection of footbag with juggling means many possibilities and great variety. A perfomance usually includes synchronizations (2 or 3 players performing the same movements), juggling of Stefan Siegert connecting hand and foot juggling, foot juggling by all 3 artists, hooping of Martin Sladek and Tomas Tucek (playing footbag with 1 bag by setting/throwing a bag under the playmate's leg), hard moves etc. Watch the Videos section for a sample.

Our performances put emphasis on technical skills which we combine using artistic elements. We can further offer professional footbag and juggling workshops suitable for any audience. Our footbag and juggling are also perfectly suitable for sideline entertainment.

Performance characteristics

  • length: 3 to 30 minutes
  • we can divide our show into few performances (2-3) or present 1 show multiple times
  • a performance can also consists of workshops, showing moves with other requisitions (keys, orange, soccer ball etc.), competitions for audience, playing with shining bags etc.
  • possibility to adapt music on request

What do we need?

  • non-slip floor at leat 4x4 meters
  • any audio player
Let us entertain your audience with crazy skills that surely nobody of them has seen before. Give your event that special extra that your guests will be talking about for a long time."

Martin Sladek, Tomas Tucek, Stefan Siegert